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Tony Thompson: Press

'...a great musican..'
Chella - Shaw Univeristy WSHA FM
'Thompson's spare single line approach is well edited and fluent'
Owen Cordle - The New and Observer Raleigh
'...exciting solos by Thomspon"
Cliff Bellamy - Herald Sun, Durham, NC
'For those who think you have to go to New York to hear great jazz, North Carolina continues to provide ample evidence to the contrary'
Gavin O'Hare - The Independant
'I kind of thought of Miles Davis 'Kind of Blue', just in the fact that the music I was listening to, set this scene and this very definite mood... congratulatioins on an excellent final product.'
George Olsen - NPR Morning Edition
'The music itself has a shine to it. Thompson's a jazzman influenced by
Quincy Jones, Miles Davis, and Wayne Shorter but he's not a purist.'
Megan Jones - The Cary News